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Team Kanban Practitioner in English Online

Do you want to improve the flow of work in your team? Do you want to finally delivery Scrum Sprint? Would you like to start your adventure with Kanban seriously? I invite you to the certified Team Kanban Practitioner training!

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Team Kanban Practitioner in English Online
Team Kanban Practitioner in English Online

Czas i lokalizacja

23 wrz 2020, 09:00 – 17:00


O wydarzeniu

See the work of your team and manage it effectively!

How? Apply Kanban at the team level!

Working in Scrum? Great, enhance him with Kanban practices!

Have you heard or heard that Kanban is more than a board and that it can help "deliver" Scrum Sprints?

Do you want to start your adventure with Kanban, but don't know where to start?

So far attempts have stopped on a board that nobody uses?

Team Kanban Practitioner is a workshop focused on practical knowledge of the principles and 6 core practices of Kanban!

Remote training is a virtual 8 hours long interactive session during which you will experience addictive simulations!

As part of the training, you will learn:

  • what is Kanban Method
  • how to visualize and manage work using the Kanban Method
  • how to balance and optimize the flow of work using work-in-progress limits
  • how to measure progress and flow of work
  • how to promote shared responsibility for work and cooperation

What are the benefits of applying Kanban?

  • better understanding of workflow and value created in the team
  • increased work transparency,
  • faster and more responsive responses to changes,
  • more effective risk management.

But is it for me?

Regardless of whether you work with a development team in Scrum, run a recruitment or marketing team Kanban Method is something that will definitely help! Additionally an active participation gives you an official professional title of Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) from Kanban University!

For whom?

  • Scrum Masters, team members and leaders who want to understand the basic concepts of the Kanban method and start implementing them in their teams.
  • TKP training is a great tool to build awareness of both new and existing teams.
  • The training is of great interest not only in the IT industry, but also in all areas of intellectual and knowledge-based work - services, BPO, marketing, sales, HR, retail, etc.

Do I need prior experience with Kanban?

  • No prior experience is needed


  • 1099 PLN net/person
  • 2 or more people? Ask for a group discount.

What's included?

  • official training materials from Kanban University.
  • a PDF version of David's J Anderson book "Kanban"
  • certificate of Team Kanban Practitioner professional title issued by Kanban University
  • discount for a book "Kanban from the Inside" (10 USD instead of a regular price 39,99!)
  • discount for Neuland markers from Experience Corner
  • 7 personal development units (PDUs) for PMI members.

Opcje i warunki:

  • This class will be held in English


  • Back to School Price

    1 person attendance 1099 zł net (+ 23% VAT).

    1099,00 zł
    Podatek: +252,77 zł VAT
  • Group ticket (2 people)

    A ticket for 2 people attending the training is 2000 zł netto (+23% VAT).

    2000,00 zł
    Podatek: +460,00 zł VAT


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