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  • Które szkolenie jest dla początkujących?
  • Will the Team Kanban Practitioner training be a good training to start working with Kanban?
    If you are interested in the whole "odyssey", then the training will be simply unnecessary and you can probably get a little "bored" right after it at KSD. We can see that participants get more from participating in the Kanban System Design training and participating in the Kanban Systems Improvement training after a few months, than if they take part in Team Kanban Practitioner and Kanban System Design. Why so? TKP and KSD have some common part, while KSD and KSI are completely separate. Hence, the greatest return on time and investment comes from the tandem of KSD and KSI.
  • Can I take part in the KSI training right away, I already have basic information about Kanban?
    We have cases of people with practical experience who find themselves well during KSI training, but also a lot of people who later return to KSD because they want to supplement their theoretical knowledge, which, however, may be missing at some point in their work.
  • I care about stationary training, but there is currently no information about such on the website. What to do?
    Stationary training after the last two years and the time of the pandemic showed employees and employers that online training is a convenient form in organizational terms. However, if there are several people in your work, or maybe a whole team to participate in a stationary training, let us know. Very often we organize closed trainings at the company's headquarters and not only in Wrocław 😊.
  • How does the payment for the training look like? I received a ticket after registration, and I do not have data to pay for the training.
    We prefer payment based on proforma, and then VAT invoices are issued. However, realizing that the company's policy is not to make payments on the basis of a pro-forma invoice, VAT invoices with a 14-30 day payment period are issued immediately. Most importantly, we usually send all documents in the month of the training itself. So if you sign up for the training in advance, we will send proformas about 2 - 3 weeks before the training. If you want to pay for the training with a payment card, credit card or other electronic means of payment such as BLIK or a quick transfer from your banking system, please report this fact in the form during registration for the training, or at any time later to the address and we'll generate a special one-time link for you (offered by ING Bank Śląski) and you will be able to pay for the training in a convenient form.
  • I would like to buy a ticket for two or more people, are there any discounts?
    If on the website, when buying a ticket for two people, which includes a discount, information appears that the ticket has been sold out, write to us. Due to the introduced limit of participants at the training, there are also introduced limits for the sale of double tickets. If there are more people interested in a given training, let us know and we will propose an individual offer.
  • The company will cover the costs of the training, can you pay for the training immediately, which will take place, for example, for 2 months?
    Unfortunately, accounting regulations do not allow for issuing a VAT invoice so far in advance. However, not everything is lost - the ideal solution in such a situation is the purchase of a Voucher (we issue the document immediately after purchase, another plus is the price guarantee regardless of the date or form of the training).
  • I received funding for training from my employer, can I issue two invoices for one training?
    Of course, we can spread the payment over two entities - two invoices, we only need information on how to spread the price of the training.
  • Is it possible to pay for the training with a company payment card?
    It is possible, but in such a situation it is best to contact us after registration to make the payment.
  • What is the parcel locker number needed for?
    We send original, supplementary training materials via InPost.
  • I haven't received the training materials yet and the training is in a few days?
    The main training materials are sent after the training, they are: presentations, export from Mural, link to download the book from Kanban University.
  • Will I receive a certificate after completing the training?
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